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This restaurant will be within the fences.  It has a full bar. Drinks are not allowed outside the restaurant.  They will be serving "Happy Hour" drinks from 4-10.
New Mecca

I'm sure everyone knows this restaurant. You will get a hand stampand can come in and out of the venue to go and eat.

This is a new restaurant located on the corner of 6th and Railroad.  Wonderful vietnamese food.  It also has a full bar.  Very good and the prices are very reasonable.  I can't say enough good things about this restaurant only that I eat there at least twice a week.

This is an old-fashioned diner located south of 6th St on Railroad. Again you can use your whand stamp to exit and return.  You might just want a hamburger and fries to go. This is the place.
EJ Phair

This restaurant is located on 3rd and Cumberland. Pizza and paninis.  Also a beer bar. Micro beers.